Industrial Projects 

Steel Building Projects

Develop of steel building projects for general proposes, as well auxiliary devices for fabrication.

Detailed Design

Develop of general planning for steel buildings.

  • Fabrication sequence for the project
  • Detail sketches for the workshop
  • Assemble and welding documents for each workstation
  • Consultancy for generation of WPS
  • Material estimation, material list for purchase. Parts nesting for plates, profiles and pipes
Bridge Cranes Projects

Develop of bridge cranes projects for workshops.

Pressure Tanks Projects

Develop of pressure tanks projects for LPG, ammonia, compressed air, etc; following ASME and DIN codes.

Water Tanks Projects

Develop of cylindrical vertical water tanks.

Vertical Tanks Projects

Develop of vertical tanks projects, and oil pipes systems following rules of construction, supervision and security for tanks and treatment plants for petroleum products, like: API (American Petroleum Institute) rules.

Electrical Projects

Develop of electrical projects, including general electrical schemes, engine control and power systems, electrical panels, etc.


Survey for fabrication general steel buildings, including quality control for welding procedures, structural solutions for reparations, weld seam nondestructive testing, pneumatic tests for tanks.